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Lanona Lodge was a tavern and rest place run by the great grandfather of our founder in the early 1900s nestled in the scenic Mississippi Bluffs of Southeastern Minnesota. Their specialty was providing high quality gasoline, food, drink and a comfortable room for overnight stays. Their ice cream was pretty good too. The Lanona name originated as a combination of two prominent cities in the area - La Crosse and Winona. As a resurgence of a family business name, Lanona strives to bring back the close relationship with community, quality, craftsmanship and the pride of completing a hard days work.

The Mississippi river was and still is a connecting source for community and commerce stretching the entirety of our Nation North to South. The upper Mississippi valley has dramatically carved scenic bluffs for miles. Iconic highway 61 runs along the Great River and has inspired many to travel this highway to explore, write, sing, paint, film and take photography. Lanona Lodge was near Hwy 61 and was a resting place for those travelers discovering the bluffs and charting their way across the country. As interstates were created and age setting in, the Lanona Lodge closed it’s doors in the mid-1900s. But, the dream, discovery and drive did not die. Lanona Shoe Company is here to carry on these traditions and provide goods for you to be proud of and carry on as well.

Work hard and be honest.

Your life, lived.